DC Allegedly Using Spurious Logic to Avoid Royalties to Creators


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That will catch up with them in a very bad way in the courts. DC should know better than to roll the dice that way. IP law is not to be trifled with.


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They did it with Siegel and Schuster, the creators of Superman. In the 1960's when Superman was at one of its popular peaks there was a Superman Broadway Musical. Artist Neil Adams recounts that Siegel and Schuster were living in squalor and couldn't afford to see the show. DC stripped them of ownership. Neil became part of a movement to get them royalties, credit, back-pay, health insurance and to get their names on the comic again. The story is fascinating the way Niel tells it in Kevin Smith's Podcast "Fat Man on Batman". Look it up. Great storyteller.


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WOW, that completely sucks!!!!!!!! I just read the article and think that is one of the most unfair BS lines of thinking I have ever heard of. Comic book creators should UNITE and take DC to court. Like right now.


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Holy ****... As a creator myself, this absolutely horrifies me and just reinforces my instinct to hold on to my rights as much as absolutely possible. I just... wow. DC should be ashamed.
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