Darth Vader at the Scream Awards


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WHAT? Nobody is going to lower the boom on the Darth Vader costume at the scream awards? What was that?



BIG ONE: http://mojoturbocostumes.wikispaces.com/file/view/sa10178.jpg

was it me, or was the helmet a little ..... big?
Just saw that today, you'd think they'd put some more effort into the accuracy for these official events. Its a great costume dont get me wrong but there's just those little details that throw the whole thing off....same things with the costumes they use at the Disney parks!
That is the Disney-Vader which they use for all the Star Wars Weekend Events. Without being 100% sure, the company which custom sculpted the Disney Stormtroopers might sculpted this helmet as well..
It sucks my eyes aren't as keen as some other people's because I thought it looked fine and didn't even think twice about it:lol
Just watched that show on Spike the other night. The first thing I thought when Vader walked out was "that costume looks absolutely awful". Guess I've spent too much time around here too. :lol
OMG! It's horrible! The Helmet is too big. The Body suit looks like a Rubies and What esle can I say about it. I can't believe George let that atrocity represent Vader.
I'm sure someone in the 501st would've been a lot better choice than what they did. Absolutly Horrble!
I'm not a Vader costume expert, but something looked off when I saw it. All the Spike awards shows are stupid though. The "awards" are really excuses for the "winner" to come out and run a trailer for their upcoming movie/videogame.
The helmet size seemed okay to me, the problem is that the straps on the face plate where probably elastic and too loose for the weight of the helmet, causing it to slide down to low on the wearers head. This is a common problem with Vader costumers because the helmet is so heavy. Being that far down, it causes the helmet to LOOK too big.
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