Darth Maul Boots


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Does anyone know where to get a pair of Frank Thomas “Maul” boots for a decent price?
Wish I could help. All I know is the model used were discontinued before the movie came out.


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keep checking eBay?
I am and it seems that every time I take a breather from eBay is when someone wants to sell them. Maybe I will get a nibble if I post in the Junkyard.


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I have a pair of Motorcowboy maul boots that I might be willing to sell or trade. They are new and probably about an 11.5


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hi, Zendragon I am interested in a pair of boots, you could send me information by a PM and what is the cost and if it can be some pictures. thanks

Eopie Herder

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Well, that post is four years old, so I don't think it'll be too much poor form to derail a sale, but you do not want motorcowboy Maul boots. Way to expensive, you can find the real Frank Thomas Boots for cheaper than what the knock offs originally sell for.


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thanks, do not check the date, but if I would like to help me, I know that are very difficult to achieve, but alomejor anyone has an extra pair.