Custom Frame for Time Bandits Map (Magnoli Props)

Snow Builder

Sr Member
A quick shout out to Magnoli Props for the BEAUTIFUL Time Bandits map replica.

I ordered the "folded and aged" version and couldn't be happier. After displaying it for a weeks in a plexiglass frame I decided I could do better -the plexiglass hid too much of the detail because of its reflectivity.

I built a front and back set of "clamps" from ply wood that could hold the map without damaging it. The interior of the clamps is lined in felt and the pieces are held together with bolts and nuts so I can set the clamping pressure.

The clock faces are adhesive vinyl that I hand cut after printing them (I really need to buy a vinyl cutter). The upper and lower clamps were painted to look like worn wood with lots of dry brushing to bring out the clock details.

Like any project, I'm sure a second attempt would yield an even better result. But overall I'm very happy with how it came out.

Thanks for looking.

Indy Magnoli

Master Member
What a fantastic idea and absolutely brilliant execution! The use of the vinyl is great... SUPER convincing effect. Wow.

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