Crush, kill, destroy. Then re-build. My Viper mini-project.


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Not my last one, but the one before that was mostly a Moebius kit with some small Revell additions. I didn't like how it turned out. The nose was not straight (enough), and it was still too long, despite shortening it by about 3mm.
So last night I snapped it in two. It just bugged me too much. My last one turned out perfect, so I figured I could afford to take a big chance with this one, and to my surprise, it actually came apart pretty well.
I replaced the intakes, cut the back end of the nose fuselage by a few mm's, shortened the back end of the cockpit piece to allow for the change in length, deepened the wells that attach to the intake connections, trimmed the underside where it broke to allow for a snug fit, tested, re-sanded, tested, got the right fit, then glued it all back together.
Now the nose is straight, shorter, and the cockpit is closer to the intakes. Still not perfect, but a WHOLE LOT better!







Basically, last night I intentionally broke it, and today it looks better. Go figure....


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Nice, a gamble that payed off. Though the longer version could have been a variant, a stretch job to fit extra avionics or something.


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This squadron is a dream! I have six Vipers in my stash and one 1:18th scale paper one in the making. I really need to finish that one. :)


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The far one is from 1978, the next farthest is from 2012, and the other three I made in the last three months. Seven more I made along the way I sold to fans.