Coyle Classic Phaser Given to George Lucas by Rod Jr.

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by racprops, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. racprops

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    WOW I am blown away by this...I checked the show (Trek Nation on the Science channel) and YES it is indeed one of my Phaser Models...given by Rod Jr. to George Lucas, I am so honored, would have been nice to hear my name with it, but still..too bad we are no longer working with nor make Classic Phasers.

    And it does indeed look like the third run model.

    Show should have a few more screenings this week.

  2. Clutch

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  3. Roger Ramjet

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    Lucas seemed very surprised and happy when Rod presented it to him. I said, wait a minute, that's one of Rich's Last Phaser II runs he did for Roddenberry. (I Know cuz I have one) He acted like he truly appreciated the gesture.
  4. ReproMan

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    awesome, as if one of your pieces is owned by the big man himself. sweet dude
  5. terryr

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    It's an elegant weapon, from a bygone era...

    I wonder if George points it and makes the phaser sound?
  6. iams001efni

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    Haha that was awesome. I need to get a screenshot of lucas holding the P1

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