Correct Size Of Hogwarts Trunk In Harry Potter


Hi Folks,

My soon to be new project is going to be making a correct screen accurate Harry Potter Hogwarts Trunk, ive manage to narrow the make of it down to a Steamer Trunk but i was wondering if anyone can give me a rough guess on what size it is, the steamer trunks are roughly 33inches wide do you think this is the correct size that was used on screen?

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I use a vintage steamer trunk for a coffee table in my living room. Its a very similar design as the ones in the Philosophers Stone. I'll get a pic of it and some measurements this evening. I actually have two of these, but one is in a bit of a state, it's coverd in green canvas and it's a bit saggy!
I took a few rubbish pics this morning, it was still dark outside so they are hidious flash photos I'm afraid, I promise these aren't quite as shabby and dusty as they look!



You can see the lid of the green one has sagged over the top of the base, making it look a lot shorter.

The brown one measures approx 36 inches long X 20.5 inches wide X 13 inches tall

Here's a photo of one at the Wizarding World of HP


And there's another shot at the end of this link

Name that railway platform | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I'm pretty sure it's the exact same model as the brown one in my living room, now I'm very tempted to stick a hogwarts crest onto it! Not sure the missis would go for it though!
OK, I got a bit excited seeing the pics of the Wizarding World of HP luggage, so I drew up a Hogwarts crest, just as it's see in the above pics. I've got to say I really like the design they went for here, much simpler and "real world" than the really complicated colourful ones you see eveywhere. It really looks like it could have been a woodcut print.

Anyway, here's my version, apologies for the Massive pics!


and in simple black and white too in case you want to print it off onto yellow/aged paper


Once it's printed, cut it out on the inside of the black outline.

Like I said, I like this design of the crest, I think I may use it for some other props too..
wow thanks very much for those think 36" will be just about the right size and the crest looks great so will probably end up using it for mine.

What kind of trunk is that? I want to try and find one identical and than add the proper touches to replicate a HP style trunk.
Pete SSS,

I was wondering if you knew the brand of steamer trunk that is in your living room? It would be super helpful information.

I just got mine on ebay. I usually type in bentwood trunk or bentwood steamer trunk. This is what mine looks like. I am trying to decide if I should paint or just leave it distressed. What do you guys think?
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