coloring/dyeing crepe wool beard


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I am in the progress of collecting stuff for my Captain Haddock halloween costume. I have a lot of gray crepe wool beards since earlier Halloweens and i thought maybe it was possible to colour it black so i can make Haddocks beard.
Has anyone had any experience on dyeing or colouring crepe beards?

Today, i got a white polo shirt that i plan on dyeing blue and since i already have got a "captain" cap i thought i would try and make a photoshoped picture on how it might look later on.


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Wow, some great photoshopping!!

Since wool crepe is a natural fiber, it will take dye very well.
But black is a hard color to get on any fiber, to get it black enough.

Since wool is technically hair, I'd give it a shot with some hair dye--some cheap brand, as you'll not be putting it on yourself, don't have to worry about protecting your scalp/hair/head/health.

You'll probably be able to get a deeper richer black out of it. You can mix up a small batch of equal parts (cap full, plastic spoonful) of the colorant and developer. Don't mix it all up at once to experiment as most brands have a timed length of development and it will expire and not dye if let to sit until that time expires--usually half hour or so.

I wouldn't hit it with the Rit as it takes a lot of heat and extra dye when you're doing dark colors. If you don't want to try the hair dye, you might try some of the fiber reactive dyes that are used in cold water. Not sure how they do on the dark colors, haven't had much experience with those.

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