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I have a lot of projects that I am working on and I'm very glad to say that I have been working on this since the movie first came out. I have been fooling with other projects but I think that it's time I complete this one. I know that there were some people interested in Mauflet's helmet a while back and he unfortunately didn't sell casts of his (which I probably would have bought) so I decided to 3D model my own. I'm currently in the printing stage now and would like to create a interest thread (seeing how my other INT threads aren't doing so hot lol :facepalm)

I am looking for at least 10 people to get this going. If I don't get 10 people then I will just have the helmet for myself but I'm looking to extend this project to other people.

The price as for all my raw cast helmets will be $250 plus shipping (price lowered from $275.00) . It will be a three part helmet comprised of the back/side pieces, face shield and jaw. Possible make the faceshield and jaw one piece not sure yet. The casts will be made out of urethane plastic.

I will also be offering different options for this helmet including the following:

Raw cast (RC) - $250.00
Raw cast with clear PETG visor (RC w/ CV) - $300.00
Raw cast with chrome tinted PETG visor (RC w/ TV) - $325.00

No finished version will be offered at this time.

I will be posting pics of the visor (clear and chrome tinted) along with pics of a finished helmet.

Here is a raw cast pic which best shows the detail and the two part raw cast helmet pieces. I will be posting pics of the finished printed helmet.

1. PanzerKraken (PM sent)
2. staticweb23 (PM sent)
3. SovereignOne - FH (shipped)
4. techhnyne
5. Lord Nikon
6. Evan Currie
7. Sceno - RC (Paid & Shipped)


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I'm positive it will turn out nice and accurate. I'm in the printing process now. It should be printed withing a week or two and I will post updates.

It is a shame that no one has picked up this project because it's an awesome design. It's been on my table for some time and I feel that it needs to be made so that's what I'm doing. I added you to the list.


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To hopefully spark some more interest. I am lowering the price of a raw cast to $250 plus shipping. That's as low as I can go for a helmet kit for now due to funds.


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I will be able to post some progress of the print soon. I'm really pleased with it so far and I'm sure that others will be too.
Really glad your possibly going to be able to get this going for yourself, and others. I may regret not getting in on this, yet holding out hope for another talent to make a not printed, and finished kits.

really gonna be great to see, and follow your progress.


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I am definitely going to be finishing this project. I have been working on it for a few hours and I'm almost done the helmet and sides. Waiting on the jaw piece from Shapeways due to the amount of detail. I will be starting the face shield next.

I have had alot of people post comments and I greatly appreciate it! I just need to know who wants to be on the INT list so I can get a better idea if I'm going to mold this helmet.

Sceno, GIjoeFan197, Gimpdiggity and Panzerkraken let me know if you want me to add you guys.


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I added a printable head support model to my Shapeways store which can be purchased here for anyone who decides to buy my Cobra Commander helmet. I have done alot of work to it and I'm extremely happy with the progress. I'm just waiting on a few things to dry and I will be posting progress pics soon.

Here's the link for the head support that goes under the cowl of the helmet like the movie helmet has:

This helmet was added with no additional cost to you. I will not make any money of the helmet support. Just what it would cost someone to print it directly from Shapeways. I figure that purchasing a cast of my Cobra Commander helmet was plenty good enough. Plus I want the members who purchase my helmet be able to wear the helmet and show it off. Plus I don't feel like molding and casting an under support helmet for the cowl so this is kinda a gift or offer to anyone who wants it.

Thanks for viewing my page.


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Here's an progress update on the Cobra Commander Retaliations helmet I modeled and printed. It needs some find detail work, smoothing, paint then a visor and it's done. Let me know what you think.


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Better than I could do, cause i can't do anything. Seems small or not as long of a visor or compact version? Yet again like i said I don't know, and like you said it needs some detail work. Hopefully others will let thier voices be heard.


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Thanks SovereignOne. You have been added.

GIjoeFan197 - I can see what you are talking about. I didn't notice that before. I am still making slight changes to the helmet to make it more accurate. I will be definitely making the jaw area a little longer. Thanks

Evan Currie

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I'd be in for one, I have the UDR coat, may as well complete the outfit. :)

What size will if fit? Would like it for show anyway, but one that fit would be good. :)
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