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Click Universal Remote Control


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So I had been looking for a Click remote for the longest time and finally I was able to acquire one. The one I have purchased is a production made/unfinished version ( it is a resin cast with all of the lines detailed where the chroming would go, has the piece hollowed out for the screen and the 5 main buttons. some holes for the other buttons are not present. I would love to finish it or have it finished, but I think I am going to mold and cast it so I can do some trial and error testing on some pieces that are replicated and not the real deal. My question is does anyone have any idea how to make the parts that are supposed to look metal actually look like that without painting, IE chroming or something? Also any idea on how to do the buttons?

Here is my remote. 12923156_10153688795978003_7723463767025938400_n.jpg


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What a great piece! I have been searching for this prop forever and it is a hard to find.

If you do make a copy, you may want to keep the original intact and have a duplicate as the finished product. Just my suggestions. I've been down that road once before and still regret my decision on finishing the actual prop vs leaving it alone.

There was a thread here where the remote parts was being identified. You may be able to find the thread using the search option. The buttons itself I believe came from an old universal remote. But not all buttons were from the same remote. Of course, Universal had to complicate it from the start! ;).

I'm looking forward to this thread! :)


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Great find! I would suggest you look for a plating place in your area. It's possible to chrome plastic or vacuum metalize it.
Hope that helps!


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Thanks guys! I'm having trouble locating that thread. I've already started molding it, but I was a little short on oomoo 30 so I have ordered some more while part of the mold cures. It should be here Saturday so I can complete the mold.


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Awesome. I lived this movie as did my wife. Love to purchase a kit. Looking forward to your build.


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That may be one of the test fitting casts or a master, I cant tell without more detailed pictures. The original master was made by hand out of renshape, the test castings were por a kast. Test fit castings were made due to the ongoing changes to the design and buttons. This is why you see a completely different remote in the promo marketing material. If thats a test casting, the grey self etching primer will be hiding white material underneath. In the end there was a few boxes of left over parts after the production remotes were delivered.

Having said all of that, there was a scandalous person involved and it wouldnt surprise me one bit if he was creating casts out of the original mould and fronting them as production made. Everything has an origin. Its all about tracing it back to the hands that brought it up for sale to verify authenticity. The blue paint color was one custom batch so they were all painted at once, no do overs. Same with the chrome parts. The moulds for the buttons, my memory is off at times but I do know some of them were pre existing as I pulled them out of a box of misc moulds with my own hands at the time.


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Thanks for the info sir! This was purchased through so I would think it's fully authentic coming from them. Here are the pictures from their listing if it will help you help me identify it! 11402_1.jpg 11402_2.jpg


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Looks like a hand sculpted master. That brownish red color underneath the primer is renshape. There were numerous masters created as mentioned for various reasons before one was given final approval for the production run.
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