Celebrity ventriloquist dummy/puppet replicas.

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by JunkSabers1138, Jul 21, 2006.

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    Since I've seen replicas for the Muppet puppets and others, I've always wondered if there are replicas for clebrity ventriloquist dummies/puppets out there and if not, has anyone made their own?

    I've always wanted a Jeff Dunham display in my corner featuring the five current dummies from the "Arguing with myself" DVD.

    So anyone got any info on this topic?

    Thanks in advance for answering.
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    BUMP. Anyone?
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    Jeff Dunham is great. (on a stick)

    There have been a ton of replicas over the years of Charlie McCarthy, both fan made and mass produced. I think I even remember seeing him in the Sears Wishbook when I was a little kid a hundred years ago (well, maybe more like 25).
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    Hi. Thanks for answering.

    Well at least there's ONE dummy that's in production. I wonder who Dunham is going to allow to replicate his puppets? And yes he is funny. The new guys (Sweet Daddy D and Bubba J) were awesome for their first performance. My only disapointment is that Jeff used Walter (his best puppet) first. Aren't you are supposed to save the best for last?

    From "Arguing with Myself"

    (Peanut and Jose are arguing in spanish)

    Jeff-- What are you doing?.?

    Peanut-- I'm sticking it to Jose in his native tounge.

    Jeff-- Don't do that.

    Peanut-- Why?

    Jeff-- Well... it makes me feel... left out.

    (Jose looks at jeff)

    Jose (turning to the audience)-- (Hums "The Twilight Zone" theme)
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    Jeff dunham is awsome I have the argueing with myself dvd.

    It would be great if jeff made replicas did you listen to the cmmentery on the disk ?
    If not you should he talks about how he made them.

    I own a charlie mccarthy and mortemer snerd upgraded beginner puppets.They have moving eyes,wooden body and lifelike hair.They start off as dolls and them are completely rebuilt If you want ill email you some pics of mine just pm me your address.My gradma is putting seams in the back of their jackets ive had them since I was a kid.

    If your interested in buying one go to this site http://www.cornellpublications.com/products/beginner.htm

    I dident buy mine from that site but the guy who upgraded mine upgrades these puppets.I still cant bealive the before and after look im still blown away.

    This site makes replicas of bergen's puppets.They cost $$$$$$$$$$ but they are not functional.

    Hope this helps. :)

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    Hi I know how you can get the replicas you want call me 410 258 5641
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    Holy 12 year bump! :lol
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    Better late than never....
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    First post on the RPF and already pimping! :lol
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    He left the digits. Hit him up
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    That is pretty risky putting your phone number on a forum. They're either brave or...

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