Care & Feeding Of Your New Predator...


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Would it be possible to get an ongoing thread and make it a sticky, where everyone can post a few tips and tricks for newbies?

I finally opened the Berzerker that I bought several days ago.
This is my first experience at posing a new Hot Toys figure, which prompted this post...

After not being able to get one of his legs to bend, I came here and did some searching and found that hot water or warm air from a hair dryer applied to the stiff joint would help. So I tried the hair dryer and after about 40 seconds... still really, really stiff. 40 more seconds and yep, movement. That seemed to loosen it up enough to get a few good poses in.

I also came across a post regarding the difficulty of getting the battery in for his mask... haven't tried to tackle that one yet.
I'm wondering how much I'll actually use that feature.

And I'm also wondering what, if any, care or consideration should be given to those dreads. Any pointers?

Here's a few pics of him next to the big 18" Neca... already getting into it. Hoping they'll learn to just get along, but may have to keep them in seperate displays, lol!





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looking awesome.what make is the big pred as i thought hot toy figs were 12''
sorry just read its a necca


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The big one is Neca. I think they made only 3 big models -- open mouth, closed mouth, and masked. I think there are 2 masked (one classic and one Gort... not 100% sure). Actually, all seem to have the same body, just different heads. Really good detail and lots of articulation.

Hot Toys may be having some larger 1:4 models coming out soon. There's another thread here with a bit more info... fingers crossed.


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Regarding stiff joints, here's another great tip from another thread:

I own a pretty extensive action figure collection, so having had similar problems with figs over the years, allow me to suggest putting Your figure into the freezer for about 15-20 minutes, and then try to move the joint (don't force it when You do though, or You could break it)...

By cooling the joint it causes the plastic to condense and some times helps in loosening the joint...

Hopefully that should work for Ya...


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Didn't know that some people were having problems with dreds, but may be helpful to someone. 1st video is one part, second video is part one of two:



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I was wondering on the care of the rubbery dreads myself... i would hate for them to, i dunno, degenerate after a while (if they do) .

Cute pics btw. I had no idea that neca predator was so massive! i have never actually come across one in person, but man thats big!


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Great video man, I too disliked the way the dreads on my gaurdian and Lost HT Predators flare out. cant wait to try this. thanks for sharing!