Cabinet of Odd Artifacts (Show off thread)

Hello, ladies and gents

Since I've been lurking here for so long, I figured it was time to contribute a little bit more. The following is a modest collection, but it's on its way to being something pretty cool, imo.

I ended up buying the old Pirates of the Caribbean Aztec chest fairly cheap and was pretty impressed by it; not only as a display medium but it's just nicely manufactured and looks great with the other MR stuff inside.

I recently picked up Zenix's awesome Inception prop set, which frankly floors me every time I glance in that general direction of the room. Along with the Drive Shaft ring and Acme Dharma failsafe Key.

More next post.

Behind the Alice cake box are some of the few Warhammer 40k prop replicas, but they're rarely mentioned as such. The Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer and Munitorium Manual, along with the bolter round from a necklace that the Black Library released a few years ago.

The Indy section is small but growing; Big Bad Toy Store stocked the urn and the diamond, along side an Acme headpiece. Surrounding that are other unrelated artifacts and curiosities that did not seem out of place (that should probably be the other way around :confused )

Finally is pride of place for when BBTS releases the American Mcgee's Alice vorpal blade. One of those props I've been wanting to get my hands on for...five, six years? Anyway, should be good.

Thanks for looking:)
By the way, a sneak peek at another display idea that I'm working on.
Chopped up 50 buck foam mattress makes for weapon display. Will post progress pics as it develops.
Love the way you have your display set up.

Welcome to the dark side :lol

Surrounding that are other unrelated artifacts and curiosities that did not seem out of place (that should probably be the other way around :confused )

If it 'feels' OK, just plonk it down and relax :thumbsup
Hehe, thanks!

I admit I'm pretty giddy from the few screen accurate pieces I own, in particular. "Holy Krishna, I can pick up and play with something that is in a movie".
But I guess that's what drives a lot of the talented folk on this site:)
Really sweet display youve got there. Out of curiosity, what film is that wakizashi from? and secondly is that the Toy Sonic i see or the actual screwdriver with the removable bits?
Hi, Kursosawa

The wakizashi is actually an antique; although technically it's a really long tanto in a wakizashi scabbard. It's kind of junky and the blade's been polished too much, but I like it:)

And yeah, although I'm not a huge Dr Who fan, when they released a "functional" sonic screwdriver I had to pick it up, lol.
I may upgrade at a later date but in the meantime, I can do household repairs in class.
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