c3po-head-bevbor-dbeetle-edit build


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Yep, I'm warming up with "c3po-head-bevbor-dbeetle-edit" as found here on the forum's.
I had to change it to A4 instead of letter paper size, I might have forgotten to adjust it for size as it seems to be a bit small now. And in all I think its coming long... well enough...





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It's currently the front and back pieces of the top part of the head. I might be a bit pointy (I am by no means a expert at pep's), but then again all the pieces are not cut yet. Im using a thick sketching paper, and white hobby glue If its looks anny kind of good when im done im going to put it on the wall. Trophy style! :)

I worry a bit about post cut and glue, the plan was to fill it with building foam and then sand it. But builing foam expands and that may bring some comic results and a lot of clean up... And ruin the head?
Its clear now (pic's updated in top post.) that this head wont fit with mine inside. But thats okay, as it's not the point of the project.

And the horror, now its all them fidly tiny bits left...
Bring out the gimp :) lol, look a little bit like a gimp mask.

Don't forget to add a little extra size for the fiberglass and resin as well.
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