Boy, it sure would be nice if we had some grenades, don't you think?


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Please post picks of your replica grenades. Based on another thread, I ordered some pins and spoons to make a set of replica smoke, flashbang, stun grenades.
I also have quite the collection of USCM. I will post my pics in the morning.


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Here are a few I've made recently.




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I did a small run of ST grenades from Doom years ago. I don't know if any pics survived the computer crash of later that year but I loved the design. Great thread.


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"Boy, sure would be nice if we had some grenades,
(and some knives, and a big gun, and a funny hat made by Ma Cobb,)
don'tcha think?"


I decided to build them after seeing the BDM Serenity on DVD in early 2006.
I wanted them to be really screen-accurate.
Then I found out the spring was a much larger diameter.
Eh, that was OK, mine would still light up when they were popped open.
Then I found out the movie grenades counted down when they opened.
So, my grenades sat around like this:

for about three years.
But recently, I've decided I need to wrap up all my Firefly/Serenity unfinished projects.
So I finished the grenades that they just pop open when you twist 'em...
...which is still pretty cool.


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All i have at the moment are 3 plastic ones from the dollar store that need work and i have a drilled out decommissioned one someplace i was really thinking of casting and modding those. They're cheap enough in catalogs.
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