Boushh helmet help


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Good morning fine people.
My wife currently has a 501st / Rebel Legion approved Boushh costume. Her helmet is a Todd (Sandman) kit, and it is absolutely beautiful. Only problem she has is the weight...the resin bucket is very heavy and she would like a lighter one.

That said, does anyone know of a lighter kit (leaning towards a 3D printed helmet) but there are quite a few options out there with regards to finding files and I am not sure who has the best version that would pass muster for legion approvals. I am trying to avoid buying multiple files and finding they just don't cut it. not to mention the cost of printing said files

I really would like to make my wife's trooping experience a little less uncomfortable and painful
The 3D Print Armory file is pretty good, so I would go for that one if you went the 3D printing route.

The screen used helmets were lightweight vacuum-formed plastic. The only makers that have made vac-formed helmets are Clothears and RS Propmasters. Clothears gave their moulds to Jon Bird/KillStripe Studios. Jon still makes them from time to time. You can see if he is able to sell you a kit. I've tried to order a finished helmet from him and get on his wait-list with no success. The RS Propmasters is wildly expensive and preorders sold out immediately, so it's not available to order.

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