Unlimited Run Blade Runner HYPOTHETICAL Deckard Badge


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Estimated time on when the next batch will ship? ETA: Never mind, just got the shipping notice. ;)
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Tax return comes in the end of next week, count me in for one! Especially if I pretend it's NOT Deckard's but some other officer, who has the less-fancy not-amber-grip generic-ish blaster I painted up. :lol

Really crazy thought, you couldn't do a much smaller version of these, could you? Something like a medallion that would be inset into a pistol grip would be sneaky awesome. Maybe 3/4 inch tall, 1/2 inch wide, loose ballpark.


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Hi Gordon, I have sent a payment for 1 Deckard badge. This is my second order--I received the previous one and it's pretty cool. Thanks!