Bioshock Adam Syringe - 1st prop attempt


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I'm new to the forum and just finished my first prop replica attempt.

So here is my Bioshock Adam syringe. My daughter is going as a Little Sister for Halloween this year - had a blast cobbling this thing together for her.

I can post more pics and give build details if anyone is interested.



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Looking pretty cool!!!!!!

I'd dirty it up a bit more, but that is one fine piece of work. Especially for your first prop attempt!



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Yeah, needs a little more weathering, take a old rag and spray a little black spray paint into it and then wipe it all over the metal parts.
Wipe as you would do when you clean a part, try to get the black paint away from the prop like if the prop had been really dirty.

Weathering it the most fun thing to do when building a prop.