Bio Helmet & Second Pred Mask


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Been a little while since I posted updates for my mask.
I have also been working on a Pepakura Bio Helmet ^^

I have been waiting on stupid Createx Paints for over a month, ordered for cheap from a store that is literally one state over! ><

Anyway I contacted them and they are finally here today yay, so I am hoping to post the painting progress this week.
So here are the pics, because that's what you wanted to see lol

The Sculpting Process of my second pred mask

This is a very bad quality photo, I was just messing around with some color ideas on the mask with my makeup :p

And so now I will paint it properly with airbrush paint and post updates :D
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And this is the Bio which needs to have Fiberglass Resin and Bondo on it, obviously lol
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Just a recent pic of me wearing the mask, still have a ways to go on paint though hehe
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Fiberglass Resin!
I also just put Bondo on it but need to sand it, will post pics soon!

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PRIMED, I will sand over it again and fill in the air bubbles with more bondo. I may use some clay to smooth over it.
If it turns out the way I want I may make a mold of it. But that is something I dunno how to do yet lol
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If bio does get a little heavy maybe save it and maybe make a mold and make one out of plastic resin. Bio does look good, looks like the raptor bio, a little...
The Bio Mask Paint job, I will do some touch ups and get a better photo I promise :p
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Helmet looks very cool, if i didn't see the process i will think is made of some type of light metal, you def nailed the metallic colors.

Great job!!!!!!!!
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