Better Call Saul


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I wonder *IF* this will be Kim's last season?
Kim decides to defend Huel.
Kim gets a delay.
Jimmy gets his license back and takes over the case.
Kim ends up representing the undercover cop.
Jimmy pulls a particularly horrid stunt to get Huel off.
It works.
Jimmy gets home to an empty apartment.
No note or anything.


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Hard to outdo last seasons events. With any of the Gilligan stuff its those cliff hanger surprises will get you every time. I'm waiting for the BB cameo's. Perhaps Walt, Jesse, ????


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I started up on Season 4 this weekend. Yeah, it does seem a little slow. I'm 5 episodes in.

I figure I can finish this off, then get through the new season of GLOW and by then it will be the 19th and time for Daredevil!!!!!!


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I loved this season! I love the natural pacing of the show, the creative cinematography and the slowly unfolding buildup toward Breaking it's fantastic. They are doing such a superlative meshing of Jimmy's (and Mikes) storylines to what we know about the story of Breaking's really top-notch!

Star Trek could really learn a few things from Vince Gilligan about continuity!
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Good moments here and there, but, frankly, I found this season, and, especially, the last few episodes very underwhelming and often boring. Too much wasted time. The actors are solid, but put a fire under this show's butt.


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I thought the start of the season was the boring part, for me it really got interesting the last few eps, and what a line to finish on for the finale. I agree that mikes story seemed more important this season but i like how bcs in general has really been a joint mike and saul adventure. Those church snaps of Huell were a classic! what a champ!

Im hoping they resist the urge to show walt or jesse until the very end if at all, maybe only if on the very final episode, we catch a glimpse of the back of walts head walking in the background of a shot. Kinda like an easter egg that they dont announce and thats hard to spot.


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Spoilers if you haven't watched any of it.

I've watched it all and I'm in the last season, but it's just got too many flaws. Jimmy is just a turd/used car salesman/gutter lawyer, that's okay, but there's no character arc, there doesn't always have to be one, but he's just the sleaze he is in BB.

There's no chemistry between him and Kim, it's like they're cousins or just acquaintances, it just doesn't work as a believable couple on any level. The whole 'my brother's a genesis lawyer, but a nut' seems so fake it doesn't add any real value. He is so disappointed in Jimmy and then kills himself.

The worst part is it's so unnecessary. (A lot like Book of Fett) He's just not a worthy character in BB to have a back story, I think Mike's back story would have been potentially more engaging.

I'll stay to the end to see how it plays out, mainly to see how they get rid of Kim, but I couldn't watch it again.

Just my 2 cents.

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