Beetlejuice prop


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first off, yeah its ok to post... its ended....if the auction was still going that would not be cool

but i dont know if its real?

look at the teeth on the original from the pics he supplied and the one hes selling.....there are alot of differences in the model he has and the pics from cinefx.....and more than i think that could be explained by age and breakdown of the latex....

maybe it was a preproduction peice or something?

regardless i would have been wary of bidding on it...


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good advice. This is why I am leary of buying real props for now... I am still new and would probably get duped.


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Yeah doesn't look like the same head in the screen shots. I'd say it was used in a "growing" shot or a stop motion shot where the head wasn't focused on. I'd have to see that scene again to see though.

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I was also watching that auction - it certainly is kind of goony looking compared to the original, but he does outright say in the description that it wasn't used in the film or even painted as he painted in the details himself recently


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Yeah, 'tis a pity it wasn't closer to the final version used in the movie - I really want a bust of the Beetlesnake.


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yeah it could be from the "growing" scene i guess.....

but in the end he really has little evidence to its origins....he bought it from a guy who bought it from a guy who worked on the movie and has paper work to say that....uh ok..... sure....whats the paperwork?
is it from the studio?

but if you look at his other auctions.....specifically i looked at his planet of the apes armor auction,

i own many peices of original armor and the armor he has for sale is nothing like anything they used in the movie what so ever.....and i would call the peice on his page as definatly a wouldnt doubt this is a fake as well.