Batman & Joker Costumes at Arclight Hollywood


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I haven't seen pics of these posted here yet, so I thought I'd put mine up. I took these a couple of weeks ago at the Arclight theatre in Hollywood. Unfortunately the display cases make the costumes difficult to shoot.

Click for larger versions then click again when you get to photobucket for the largest versions.

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Awesome! I've been keeping a huge reference folder of the TDK Batman suit, and these have been the best pics so far of the pattern for the knee mesh.


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Nice pictures! It's great to see all the detail on those costumes...and as others have said I'm sure these will come in useful to a lot of TDK costumers!


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I'm happy to help. Honestly, I thought someone else would have posted pics of these earlier. There were huge crowds at the Arclight the first two weekends of the release. They also had the Tumbler and the Batpod on display.


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The costume and prop displays shift at the Arclight depending on what high profile film there showcasing at the theater, when Transformers was released they had the autobots vehicles there this was also the case with The Dark Knight stuff on display which was a limited event.


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OK if anyone is interested, I made a few phone calls and tracked down Heath Ledger's screen used Joker costume and nurse outfit to the Prop and Wardrobe Museum at Warner Brothers Studio. The suit is not behind glass but you can't touch it and is in fact viewable on the VIP studio backlot tour.
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