Batman Begins props


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Other than the Utility Belt, I've finished most of my Batman Begins props. The latest are Jmtwo's Grapple Gun and Mini-mines.

For the Grapple gun, I made a few modifications to better reflect the photos I took when the props were in Toronto. Those mods were adding various holes in the front below the silver screw, 6 along the top sites as well as enlarging the rearmost site, a large divot in the rear slide pull. I also added the silver ring/hole in the very back of the grip. I bored out the 2 barrels (it's not completely through, but I did add the corresponding hole in the backs (you can see them in the back end shot, where the slide is pulled back slightly. The slide was attached with a expansion spring, sadly it doesn't really snap back, but there is some resistance when pulled.

Finally, I scratchbuilt the 2 grapple darts. The head was patterned from a few fuzzy screencaps.

The only mod to the Mini-mines were the adding of a non powered LED to the Activation button. I cut the LED to about a 1/8th inch, polished the cut (for clarity) then painted that back end silver (for reflectivity). Since they are so shallow, they reflect the light making them appear lit.

And the complete display - I have a few of Synasp's batarangs, as well, the ID card I created for the Grapple Gun, and the Joker Card in Evidence bag that I also created (same ones that Adamata has been producing for others) which are both in the Free paper props thread.


Gordon Gekko

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Let me be the first to say: Nice Work. I love the mods to the grapple and your paint job looks fantastic. Real leds on the mines look cool. :thumbsup


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Wow, very impressive, thats a nice little array of props you've collected there. Certainly makes up a nice display (as seen in your pic.)

The grapple gun is really cool.


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Great work man. Those are some really nice props you've got there. All of them are spectacular in a number of ways.


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Thanks guys. Jmtwo, it all looks easy compared to the trouble you went through to make the gun and mines.


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You rocked those Begins props right out of the park. Or should I say right out of the cave.
Could you share how you painted your mini mine Wayne Tech info card? It looks really clean and precise.


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Thanks again.


Well the clean and precise is due to the wonderful laser engraving that Jmtwo did. All I did was a silver spray, flat black wash and lustre clear coat. Those plaques were the easy part. ;)


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just an fyi for you

they look great but you need to add one more set of teeth to your grapple and then it will be accuracte in the number of teeth

the other thing is inside the teeth its actually flat with a magnet inside the center

email and I can share a pic with you that might help you recreate a really accurate one if you like

if not

still outstanding job on everything.



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Hey Bats, I've sent a PM. I'm not sure what you mean by Teeth, nor the magnet.

The only big thing I didn't do that differs from the prop photos I took were 4 metal discs on the right side (if holding) which for when this particular prop attached to the belt magnet.

Interested to know more.


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I just watched this film about an hour ago,and i was really pleased i did.Im not a big Batman fan,but until now i have to say i felt let down by all the other films that came after the 1989 release,but BB was a nice surprise and restored a lot of the enjoyment from watching Batman.

Great props by the way,and nicely displayed.I like the Joker card.