Bandai NCC-1701 vs. Polar Light NCC-1701


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I see Bandai's kit is a pre-paint, but it lights up nicely once completed. The detail doesn't look like it's as nice as the Polar Lights kit. Also, I think Bandai's kit is smaller in scale, haven't checked for sure though.

Just wondering if anyone has both or has seen both?

Which one is better?


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Different scale.. yeah, you could say that. The PL is... oh, I dunno. About two feet longer than the Bandai kit. The Bandai are nice little display pieces, but they're rather small. The PL is a Man's Kit.

Rhett J Martin

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Originally posted by Bryancd@May 27 2005, 02:59 AM
LOL. Ahh, yeah, the PL kit is.....well it's 3 feet long. I have a build-up going over here:
Now I also have my little Bandai, which is about 11 inches long but beautiful and had great lighting and is fun to make. For a fun project, pick up a Bandai, for a project that will make you feel inferior, PL baby.

ditto B)


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The Bandai kit can be heavily modded, though. If you're looking for something that's going to be gorgeous right out of the box, the Bandai has amazing detail for such a small kit.

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The bandai kits pylons are prone to droop :( but I liked the Enterprise E, NX-01, and Voyager they did. I was only disappointed with the refit.
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