Bandai Enterprise


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Alrighty then! I just ordered my Bandai Enterprise. Though I'm not thrilled in the least that the kit is already painted, it just looks too good not to get. I plan (structure pending) to do some hard core modifying with the lighting (first matter being trashing the bulbs for LEDs). We're talking running lights, strobes, aboritum windows, etc. I want it all.

Has anyone else gotten this kit? What are your thoughts? Will light modification be easy or difficult you think?

FYI, I got mine from: It was $54.50 US and the shipping was free. I can't comment on their delivery time yet though,. as I only ordered today, but it's the best deal I've found so far...but if anyone finds one cheaper, I DONT want to know.


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Has anyone ordered from them before? Are they a reputable company? Before I order from them, I want to make sure it is not just a promothional scam. Any feedback would be good.


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I think I must have ordered from them before, but I can't remember for sure off the top of my head....

but I took the plunge on the Bandai, so we shall see!

- Karl


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Got mine yesterday and have it half assembled. It's really nice, although I think it really needs some glue to close up all the seams. Anyone else find some of the snap fit not quit dead on and what are you going to do tomake it more solid?
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