Argo (Post-release)

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by Vivek, May 8, 2012.

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    Trailer gave me chills!!

  3. rodneyfaile

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    I just saw this movie! Totally awesome! Go see it now! Seriously!
  4. Jannix Quinn

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    Affleck was da bomb in Phantoms, 'yo.
  5. moffeaton

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    Seriously the best movie of the year.

    And I just found out those were Kropserkel's Cylons!! The RPF members rule!
  6. rodneyfaile

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    I can't believe this movie isn't getting more attention. Affleck gets better with every movie he makes.
  7. Sundowner

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    This movie was very well done. A great mix if drama blended with a bit of humor. I really enjoyed it.
  8. TheRealMcFly

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    As if I didnt think the film was great already as it ended, they spend some time using vintage star wars toys as a visual backdrop for historical context info.

  9. Falk

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    "Argo **** yourself"
  10. Jet Beetle

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    Finally sat down and watched ARGO - it was...

    Fantastic. I loved seeing Goodman as John Chambers and I must say - and I never thought I'd say this - but Affleck is a * good director. Usually I get frustrated with period pieces - especially from a time I remember - and I do remember when all this went down. The whole Tie a Yellow Ribbon song took on a whole new meaning as people wrapped their trees and lamp posts with them (which is shown) - Affleck nailed the time. His use of true broadcasts were evenly placed, not too heavy or too thin.

    Course they did pull a U-571 with the story. It was the Canadians who invented and helped execute the whole Argo smokescreen - not our CIA. There's a really good book on the mission and believe it or not Affleck actually went light on a lot of the troubles they were facing. If you want a great suspense film - and a look at some old action figures as the end credits roll - CHECK IT OUT.
  11. GDafi

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    Not a big Ben Affleck fan,but this was a great movie.
    He did well both in front and behind the camera.
    I wold recommend it to anyone to watch
  12. JD

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    I saw Argo in theaters and I am an Affleck fan. I'm one of those who feel Affleck disappeared a little too much and dove a little too strongly into serious filmmaker... that said, Argo is the first film I've seen that he's directed (Gone Baby Gone and the Town just didn't seem like my kind of films - after seeing part of the Town while at the gym, I really need to give it another look).

    I liked Argo. I thought it was a very solid film. Well acted, well thought out with plot and script and well directed. But, for some reason - despite being very strong it still came up as a little too much like a movie of the week.

    Nothing about it is bad at all, it just felt a little.. (for lack of a better term) generic. Maybe it's a victim of just being that good?

    It is fun seeing how far Shannon Hamilton and Holden McNeil have come... and I'd love to see him have a real role in one of Kevin Smith's last projects. Holden will always be my favorite Affleck performance.
  13. Feraud

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    I was underwhelmed by Argo. Now I absolutely loved Gone, Baby Gone and found The Town better than your average "criminal wants to go straight with the love of a good woman" film and was thrilled to see Ben Affleck behind the camera again. The guy knows how to tell a story on film.
    Argo felt like it dragged and never engaged me. The large portion of the film built up to Tony Mendez (played by Ben Affleck) going into Iraq felt sluggish. When Mendez finally set foot in Iran he took the diplomats in hiding on a walk through a bazaar and were harassed, next day went to the airport and were harassed again, and left the country. End of movie?
    Just to mention, I did not watch this expecting an action film. I wasn't missing gunfights, explosions, or hand to hand combat.
    I think the lopsided casting did the film in for me. On the one hand you had very engaging performances from John Goodman and Alan Arkin. The casting and acting of the hostages felt flat and drippy. I didn't care or root for these characters at all. They simply struck me as actors in 70s hairpieces.
    The catch phrase Argo-F-yourself got tedious after the first time.

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