Aquired another Holy relic


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Here is my latest aquisition thanks to WynnStudio. I love it.
Constantine's Zippo

it will go nicley next to my
Holy Hand Grenades

& My Kick ass Spell tattoo's

Now I Just need the Shotgun. And the Brass Knuckles, currently in the works (see Constantine Brass Knuckle thread)


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Very nice. I haven't seen the movie, so I have to ask, how accurate is it? It looks beautiful, nonetheless. Congratulations.


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The design is fairly accurate. The size is not as the one in the movie is oversized, this one is a basic zippo size. The engravings, save for the St. Bennedict medallion in the center are reversed, but otherwise accurate. Still an awesome prop, one of my new favs.


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Oh, he didnt make it, he just helped me get it from Japan. It is an official DC comics reproduction of the lighter only available in Japan.

Super Serg

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(Damn. Japanese fans get all the cool stuff.)

Can't someone theoritically use this to make a 10 -20% larger version with Hydrospan?