Anyone got a Hundred Grand to spare?


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I would sure love to have some of what that guy is taking. Perhaps they need to up his dose. $100K and it was not even in a show or movie? Hmmmmm.



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WOW... "Created by Yours Truly... inspired by BSG" Gimme a break... I've made things that look ten times better and didn't ask for more then 100x less then that price! What and idiot!


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So, this "masterpiece sculpture" was made in 1994. Mmm ... perhaps it was some sort of challenge - Someone described the Cylons over the phone to the "sculptor" and he sculpted it?! :facepalm

Ooh look, I'm just finishing off the Death Star ... offers over $200,000 please!! :lol


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He's just advertising. This is a common tactic on eBay because it gets people talking about him, if this was 10$ would you have posted about it?


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But guys... it's a masterpiece. The person selling it said it is, so it must be true. You know you want it... for target practice.


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I have a used toothbrush for sale. It is one of a kind, because the bristles are bent like nobody elses. It took me a couple of months to get the toothbrush bristles bent just right. I dare you to replicate it. I used it last in about 2002 after I watched a Crest commerical which inspired me. This item is going for the bargain price of only 1000 dollars. Keep in mind it is one of a kind.

I think the stuff that guy is smoking...must be drifting my way.



omg that's the funniest thing I've read in ages, lol I'm more interested now in the person who goes ahead and buys it! lmfao. what a wondrous world we live in!


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I know it's wrong but I want to buy it file a claim and get my money back wait a few months then post a video on YouTube at the range with it and about 20lbs of Tannerite.:ninja


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This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.. Why not leave it up ? Or say, "Half off !!! Today only!!!"
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