any pirates of the carribean paper prop?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by takevin, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. takevin

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    A friend of mine wanted to know if there were any potc paper props, and looking for a website that has cheap human replica skeletons. :D thankyou
  2. TFrosst

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    I don't remember seeing anything in the movie that can really be a paper prop. Better to say what you're looking for specifically (What prop from which scene?).
  3. OB10

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    Well, the Anatomical Chart Company used to have some screamin' deals on less than perfect skeletons, skulls, and bones by the pound. The deals don't seem to be as great as they once were, though. There's also, which I think is not actually related to Anatomical Chart, but they do seem to have some good prices on skeletal parts. I think the prices are Canadian, too.

    Anatomical Chart used to have a section called Bucky's Boneyard or something similar, but I think their old version was cheaper and looked better. Oh, well. and have bones by the pound, in case you want random dead piratey parts.


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