Any one know where the props from TMNT are or went?

A damn shame but i refuse to believe that no one here has a story about it or has a screen used prop im a huge tmnt fan and would love to own a real prop from the movie and im sure someone feels the same and walked away with something
You will also find some other interesting pics of what look like some possible original costumes if you google search tmnt costumes.
i was told you wanted to know about the orginal props for the live action movies.

they were suits that were put into huge round tins. collector tins and sold off to collectors. however all but one has dry rotted since then. they were never meant to last decades. they were well made enough that one only needed severe repair, and was turned into a standing statue by someone who bought it from the studios. it was mounted on a custom base as well. i dont think it can be used as a costume anymore.

anubis online-
never mind someone above posted a video. lol.



edit: there is someone walking around in a perfect NEW splinter outfit at several anime conventions. whoever it is, they only go to anime based conventions. looks exactly like the splinter from the live action movies.

edit. was given a video clip from some fans of people who take their videos as serious as t he people here take their costumes. however,while it is good, it is not the splinter i have seen around.
at 1:28 for a few seconds there is a splinter.
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i assume that the other three went to people who used them in comic stores/rentals/some non-air-proof case. in all these cases, without wax (lol alot like turtle wax) these things have dry rotted to dust. a special wax is used on ancient swords and armor to keep them from rusting. however, the stuff is stiff, and would render any costume impossible to wear. it would be like wearing a wooden costume, not a rubber one. the one restored was never taken out of it's air-tight tin and it was still in bad shape. how did that one escape from never being taken out of it's tin after paying all that money? to never look at it? that would be a story in and of itself.
I like that they at least tried to preserve them i wish there was more thomas (ave4uevoli) if you ever wanna sale or trade that let me know lol thanks
you need to find The Technodrome's dedicated to just TMNT. There is a whole thread dedicated to just the screen used costumes there, and there's more around than people think.

Edit: I also own a Shell from the music tour which was vaccuformed over a screen used shell....they vaccuformed it for lighter weight and durability
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