Any ideas for a Proton pack wall mount ??

Need some ideas how to mount my Haslab to the wall
I’m shocked nobody gave you any ideas.

I saw this on a GB forum and thought it was pretty cool. I like that it was themed.

I would say a giant Ghostbusters logo, but that might be too busy and distract from the pack. What about a faux brick wall (like in the fire station) with mounts to hold it?
Yeah, it's been a while, but they still seem active on the forum... I know it's a longshot.

The way I would go about it is exactly what Moviefreak suggested - and if you want a starting point, I just made the OMNI cover in Illustrator for you to use. I would opt to NOT have the Protopack on the poster, since, well, you're hanging one on it.

You can edit them as you wish, to have more accuracy. I added the fonts used, and you have 2 versions of the vector Illustrator file (one with fonts, the other with traced fonts).

I also added a PSD file, which uses the vector, to add the fog/smoke, but it isn't very accurate. BUT the fonts should be spot on (the font for the barcode was trickier, got something close). The OMNI logo was made from scratch.

Here's the result of the PSD:

You can find everything in this shared Google Drive folder:
Google Drive Shared Folder - OMNI Cover
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