Another Last..........retun Of The Super Black Screwup Lol.


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I sculpted this a while ago, but i disliked he film design and then altered mine too much, so i got rid of the mould, i kept one with the intension of painting and keeping for myself but i couldn't stomach it lol, thankfully my daughter took a shine to it, and the only criteria was black and red. so i tweaked the SUPER BLACK pattern and omitted the white, focusing more on greys reds and blacks. Thankfully i will not have to paint one of these again as i still dislike my sculpt.
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Paint up looks great.  I have a pull of this mask and I actually like the style changes you made to it.  The look is very authentic even if it's not just like the film.
Thanks, i guess its cool some like what i did, i still do not though lol. and cool to know one is in Florida, that's improves the masks street cred a lot. :cool:
that is a nice piece, Not everything can be top shelf but it is a good addition to the clan. just needs dreads to make it more real and not egg shaped . but i get where you are coming from not my favorite either but an awesome job on the final product.
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