ANH Vader Gloves

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by Liquidjedi, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. Liquidjedi

    Liquidjedi Active Member

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    I can't seem to find any accurate ANH Vader gloves.

    What's everyone doing for gloves these days?

  2. propsculptor

    propsculptor Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I plan on having my gloves custom made since my Wife is learning Sewing..

    I'll post pics whenever she makes them.

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  3. darth buffalo

    darth buffalo Well-Known Member

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    try jvasilatos

    he's got exellent stuff, and a fair guy...
    can't go wrong with him
  4. jvasilatos

    jvasilatos Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Thanks Darth.

    And I have 2 pairs left in stock too, a medium and a large.


    CHeck my sig and visit...
  5. gts072

    gts072 Active Member

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    JV– Are you still doing the DV EP3 gloves? I'm interested if you are...
  6. Liquidjedi

    Liquidjedi Active Member

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    Thanks guys.

    propsculptor - always up for seeing pics. Thanks for keeping me updated. Would be interested in following the project.

    darth buffalo - thanks for the lead.

    jvasilatos - glad you saw the thread...I'll send you a PM. I would be interested in knowing what size large is. Something that would fit say Prowse's hand.

  7. Darth Clayton

    Darth Clayton Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Yes, JV's gloves are EXCELLENT.. :thumbsup I have a set of his ROTJ's..

  8. SithLord

    SithLord Sr Member

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    I am still VERY pleased with my JV ANH gloves...they continue to hold up to scrutiny.

  9. GeneralMayhem

    GeneralMayhem Sr Member

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    Congratulations on a nice selection of products, but the Vader gloves seem a bit pricey to me for the work involved.
  10. gonk27

    gonk27 Sr Member

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    Just seen this and have to agree that JV is man for gloves. I have a pair of JV ESB Vader gloves.

    If I was looking for ANH gloves, he's where I'd go.

    Great product, great guy. B) :thumbsup

  11. Liquidjedi

    Liquidjedi Active Member

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    Thanks again guys.

    I'm in contact with jvasilatos...very nice looking gloves.

    One more piece behind me.

  12. Benkenove

    Benkenove Well-Known Member

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    There is another option... I think is accurate as well, and much cheaper...
    IS tk510... and use to sell it on ebay, take a look... and compare pics and prices ;).

    Always great to have 2 options ;)

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