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Hello RPF!

A close friend of mine want to buy an Anakin Skywalker - ROTS - suit for himselfe as a costume.

Now we try to figure out what is the best and cheepest way to get some fabric parts...

On ebay he found a seller called "argentina-worldwide-custom-props" (eBay-Bewertungsprofil für argentina-worldwide-custom-props) who sells a lot of - he called - "screen used fabric and suits"... Do you have any experience with that guys?

Maybe you can give me some information to that suit:
Star Wars Prop Anakin Suit Fabric parts | eBay

Thanks in advance!
Hi mate,
I'd be quite wary if a seller says they have screen used fabric. I've been costuming as Anakin for 5 years now as have many of my friends around the world. We've tried to source the screen used fabric for the tunic itself and found stuff rather close but not the actual stuff.
I have to go out now but will send you some info on this costume later.:cool
Thanks Sir, I thought the same after reading his ebay text...

Great, looking forward to your information later the day.

Thanks a lot!!!
The guy you are refering to in the ebay bid has good and decent stuff. I know he has great tabbards and anakins glove/gauntlet. You cant go wrong if you decide to get those items from him. As far as the screen used fabric. That fabric ran out about 4.5-5 years ago. I was able to get in on the last of it. Im sure he has some close to it but its not the exact same. Its close enough. Let me know if you have any questions. You can also check out

Sons of the ~ Index

we have already done all the work for you on where you need to go and what you need to do. It all depends on you on how much you wanna spend and how accurate you woul dlike to go. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.
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