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Almost a year ago I was contacted by a member of this forum (Primrodo) to see if I could make him a set of the Anakin ROTS hero glove buckles. At first I didn't have the time and was not all that interested in doing these anyways as I am more into custom lightsabers. But his frequent inquiries as to if I could do them finally led me to attempt them. I made him a set as a prototype for a possible larger run based on a few pics of the hero glove he supplied. They were made from stainless steel sheet stock, stainless steel wire, and some security screws I found at the hardware store. He got his buckles but I just didn't feel like making a larger run due to the amount of hand fabrication necessary. Even though I made them from sheet stock, I always maintained the hero buckle looked like a solid piece and not a stamping. I moved on to other projects never quite forgetting about the buckles. As fate would have it, these buckles would once again come back to me (quite by accident as I was coming home from my company's Christmas party with my wife and son). I recently found the real world source for the buckle used to make them as well as the special screws used to connect the plates to them. I am also in the process of locating the correct loop for the leather strap and side plates that connect them together.



The buckles themselves come from a pair of motorcycle boots. The boots are made by Sidi and the buckles can be found on the Discovery, Force SRS, Force TA, and Mini Force series of boots. Sidi boots. The buckles themselves can be ordered as replacement parts for about 8 bucks a pair.

The correct screws are a metric security screw that looks like this:

Having the buckle in hand, I was able to determine the correct size screw to go with it. Once I get these from my supplier, I will post more information about them.
Likewise, I am in the process of tracking down the correct loop and will post it's information once I find it. I am just now beginning to hunt for the side plates, but seeing as they could be from just about anything, I may resort to having these machined/waterjet cut like the previous side plates I made.

At some time in the near future, I will be posting a thread in the junkyard selling the small parts needed to make the complete buckle (12 screws, 6 side plates, and 6 loops) because of the nature of minimum ordering necessary to get the parts I needed. Please don't turn this discovery thread into an interest list (PM me if you are really interested or wait for the JY thread).
That is a great find.

Like Primrodo, I look forward to seeing them all put together on a replica glove.

Top stuff. :thumbsup
Well I think I have found an almost exact duplicate of the ring. I ordered them last week and when they get here I will check them against the pics and see how they look. I am still working on getting the correct screws. As they are not to be found in the US it is taking a little extra work to get some. I will post the info on these once I get them also. I think (after spending the last 3 weeks searching) that it will be easier to just scale the side plates from the pics and get these made. Once everything is in place, I will be posting pics of the completed replicas.
Well after a bit of communications problems, I have what I believe is the correct loop ring for the buckle. I found a supllier online who had these and after speaking to the salesperson and verifying the size, order the minimum order (1000 pieces). When they came, they were the wrong size. :angry So I checked the invoice and he had sent me the wrong part. Unfortunately, they won't take these back as they were a special order even though I think they are to blame for typing the part number in wrong. When I called to discuss the problem, he offered to send me a sample of the other size (this one they had a few in hand so a sample was possible to get). I think it is just right.


I am still waiting on the screws and will post them as soon as they arrive.
OK, after a few minor problems, I now have the correct screws for the buckles. I must give a big thank you to fellow RFP member ob1al for helping my get these from the United Kingdom. Here is the correct screw.


These are M4 x 6mm zinc plated security screw with the trade name System Zero. I got them from a website called

Here is how they look screwed to the buckle.



Now that I have the correct screw, I can finalize the dimensions for the side plates and get them made then I will be ready to start an interest/sale thread in the Junkyard.

For everyone keeping track at home, here is what I have so far:

Buckles: From Sidi motorcycle boots such as the Discovery, Force SRS, Force TA, and Mini Force series.

Loop rings: From a company called Perfectex. A 5/8" x 3/8" nickle plated rectangular ring.

Screws: System Zero security screw, zinc plated steel screw M4 x 6MM (pn 524-578) from
After a few weeks of searching for the correct strap, I am officially giving up and having some made. I am going to be posting an interest/sale thread in the Junkyard for those interested.

What I am going to offer is a parts kit with 12 screws, 10 d-rings (extras in case you bend one a bit to much or cut one wrong), 6 side straps and instructions to finish the buckles. I am also going to offer complete part kits (with the buckles) and built kits. In order to finish the buckles, you will need to remove the pin from the buckle, drill a metric hole and thread with a metric tap, so this is why I am also offering built kits.

Please see the Junkyard thread and let me know if you are interested.
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