AMT/Ertl USS Defiant Instructions.


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Hello All,
As the title suggests I just got the USS Defiant kit (the 1997 version plus pack). However I didnt realise when bidding on ebay that the instructions are actually in french. I failed french (badly) and while I can translate some of it online some words dont seem to translate well. As an example one of the paint colours shows as Argent. When i try and translate this it shows as "money". I was hoping someone out there might have a copy of the english instructions they can scan or something either from the original release or the 97 version.

many thanks
It took me a little while to find the box but here are the instructions from my original release Defiant.


  • USS_Defiant_Ins.pdf
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Hello I find myself in the same boat as the member above. Could you repost the instructions. I can't seem to open the attachment file on you above post. Thank you for any assistance.
it's a .pdf file. you'll have to download a pdf reader before you can read it. There are several free versions you can find online. I don't need them, (but I downloaded it anyway... for my archive. ;) ) Thanks for posting it. :D
It opens fine for me. I actually downloaded this one (from this thread) a few months back when I was buying the Defiant kit.
"Argent," by the way, is silver. That's from the Latin argentum, and is one of the primary reasons that silver is on the periodic table under the symbol Ag. I don't speak French (let alone Latin), but knowledge of some Latin words, picked up piecemeal over the years, has proven surprisingly useful.


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