Alternate textile to use for "fiberglass"-style work?


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I want to learn fiberglass techniques, and I have the ventilation/ PPE required for polyester resin. However I can't really contain the tiny hell fibers created by fiberglass- my work area is too close to my normal living area.

Are there any comparable fabrics I can use instead of fiberglass? I'm not building anything structural, so somewhat weaker/ heavier parts are fine.


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Polyester fleece works really well and stretches nicely for compound shapes. The main caveat is that it soaks up a LOT of resin, and you need to fully saturate it or else it ends up squishy. But the biggest pro is that you only need one layer.

I honestly think just about any fabric could work for prop type stuff, but the stretchier the better. Most would probably need several layers.


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I have used fleece to simulate welds on a 9 foot rocket I made for a kids parade and I can attest to it soaking up the resin. It worked for the detail pieces that I did but I think going with canvas might be a better choice. You can buy a cheap painters drop cloth and just make cuts to conform to your contours if needed.

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