Alternate option for a Vader ROTS cape chain


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just thought I would share my new self fabricated cape chain. as you all know the ROTS cape chain is an actual chain and not the infamous garden variety. so I had a real hard time finding a chain that was close enough for me. My answer was some sheet metal, patience, tin snips, a dremel and many coats of black paint...this is my result...

and the finished product

wasnt really that difficult and only took me an hour or two to cut out, file, trim and assemble the links. I put many coats of paint on the chain to make sure it would not scratch the chest armor and it also doesnt really swing around much like a real chain would, but i do like the over all look better than the garden tie OT option


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Good job you done there. Looks really close. The original was a furnace chain. You can also have the chain dipped in plastic application (found in hardware stores) to prevent it from scratching the armor.