Almost there..... Yet another snowspeeder.

Ok so nearly finished on this one. I had to get it ready for a show so a little rushed on the paintwork. I may redo it later. Also need to finish some detailing in the exposed hull area. It's not a replica of any particular speeder. It has traits of the larger pyro models as well as the smaller ones. It is one of the Gort speeders I picked up from Lee a while back. Thanks go to Lee and also Nick for the magnet assembly.





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Yeah thanks mate. There's a lot of ill fitting parts on this one and still a bit more work to do yet but she's nearly there. I had to rush it for the show but now that's over I will give it a repaint.
You know Simon, I didn't even get a good look at it on the weekend! Too busy futzing with other stuff. I'll have a good gander when you repaint it and finish the exposed areas detailing.
Very nice though :thumbsup :thumbsup
Simon you definitely need to do a lot more swoopy airbrushing on it - then it will look nice. :thumbsup
Seriously, I saw this on Saturday and it's a thing of beauty. Simon's far too modest. He does still have some work to do on it, but it's a pretty authentic finish.
Looks really awsome Simon!! With all these cool snowspeeders that everyone is building, we almost have a complete Rogue Squadron! :lol... I call Rogue 12!:love
Hi guys. I've been collecting kits and parts for a tie bomber build but I've also been following your snowspeeder threads. The tie bomber threads have lists of the kits ILM used on the kit bashed portions of the tie bomber. Are there many kit parts that have been identified on the snowspeeder? If so, can you direct me to that thread? Can't seem to find it with the search function. Thanks.

Thanks.. Our very own Gort / nick mastered the snow speeder so you may want to check with him on the kitparts. Most of it is scratched though with some kit bash detailing. There's some great shots of the ILM guys with a kit layed out on the floor in the Making of ESB book.
Your snowspeeder is awesome!.:love
It looks almost SS.
I 'm looking forward to watching the finished work which you repaint.:thumbsup
Thanks... It is actually studio scale. I just decided to do something different and added some characteristics of the larger pyro model. That paint job was just rushed for the show. I was painting till the wee hours of the morning. Just waiting on some new warpig pigments to arrive from Jeff Herne and I'll paint it properly. And take better pix

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