After posting...


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After posting, is there any way to get the system to take you back to the main forum page, and not back into the thread itself?


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That seems to be a feature of all Invision boards, not something that was changable by us. I don't think there is a way to change it.

I miss the "snap back to forum" after posting as well, but I've started automatically clicking the forum link that appears at the bottom right of the last post to get me back.

Sorry that wasn't much help...



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Actually, this is a feature you have to dig for--Invision Board isn't too friendly. There is a toggle you switch to go back to main forum, or any forum you want to redirect to, actually..... I definitely couldn't tell you off the top of my head--I'd have to click around--but I promise it's there. :)

I like going back to the main forum myself.



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I've been playing around with the board settings to try to find the toggle you're talking about but so far, no dice.



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yeah, it's really hidden in there... but I promise it's there. look harder. :lol

edit:I just realized something--it might be an administrator-level toggle, meaning even moderators wouldn't see it. I'm not sure how you have permissions set up, but this is a possibility. InvisionBoard is weird like that.


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I can't say I have come across a toggle but I know exactly where to insert a few extra lines of code to accomplish this...

But I suspect like the other "hack" I posed up that it won't be implemented... But, if the Staff is serious feel free to post a request...
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