Admiral Ackbar Mask 2.0

Darth Serberus

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I really wasn't happy with the first version of this so I've gone back and made a few alterations. This is not a resculpt just a bit of minor surgery!
Firstly this is a wearable mask where as the first one was a quick display bust for one of the 'Invasion' events. It is surprisingly comfortable to wear and visibility is good too.
Secondly the pupils in the eyes were too small so I painted in some larger ones using the same iridescent powders.
Thirdly, using the same mould I have extended the eyelids so they don't look quite so bug eyed, and has that more laid back Admiral Ackbar look.
And lastly, I changed the skin tone. Taking the colours down a few notches.
Like I said only minor changes but It has made the mask a little more accurate.
As you can see from the pics-

The new version is on the right.



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Cool. Always loved Ackbar. However, there's a part of me that can't quite
shake the feeling that he might have opened the door for Jar Jar somehow.


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They both look great, but the new one with the mouth a bit more open does look better.


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The shield is down! Commence attack on the death stars main reactor!

Great work, it looks excellent.

Darth Serberus

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That's great. Do you see out of the mouth?
Thanks guys, yep there is pretty good visibility out of the mouth and the nostrils add a little more air. I bonded in a mesh that hides your eyes but it can be flipped out for that emergency sip of water/whisky! lol


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(Ackbar quote)

Is it just me, or is the 2.0 a bit more forward facing than the other? The first seems to be staring up at the sky...