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    I've got a lighter at the engraver right now...

    I think all the issues are solved, and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished result. IF this works, the fee for having it done is $15.00. (which isn't too bad, I don't think.)

    IF this works, I'll be happy to have any lighters done that need it, but I'll want to drop them off in one big group (Don't wanna make a bunch of trips).

    You'll have to weather them yourselves.

    Oh, and I've got two lighters. I'm going to weather them both and only keep one. I think I'll sell the other one for $60.00, if anyone's interested.
    (I know it's steep, and I won't be offended if no one's interested - I just want to recoup my expenses...)

    I'll post again when I get the lighter back with a target date for the mass dropoff
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    Regens at the ready, sir.

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