6000 SUX Reference pics?


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I'm wondering if there were any reference pics of the 6000 SUX from Robocop? I'm wanting to make a 3D model of one. I just watched Robocop but there are not many good shot of the car.

Does anyone know what model car it was based off of?
The 1986 Ford Taurus was used as the police cruiser in the movie, due to its then-futuristic design.
One of the Taurus's competitors at the time, the Pontiac 6000, is parodied[citation needed] in the movie as the "6000 SUX". The 6000 SUX itself was based on a 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme with extensive bodywork. Commercials advertise the SUX as "an American tradition" with a fuel efficiency of 8.2 miles per gallon. In early production, it was to be powered by jet turbines; the exhaust of the turbine is still visible above the rear license plate of Clarence Boddicker's SUX in chase scenes. The 6000 SUX was designed by Gene Winfield of Winfield Rod & Custom, while Chiodo Brothers Productions fabricated and animated the dinosaur puppet in the 6000 SUX commercial. The dinosaur itself was animated by Don Waller, who also had a cameo in the same sequence, reacting to the rampaging creature in a tight close-up.[6]

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Yeah I just saw that nstevic01. I've also found 2 good pics of the SUX in a junkyard but more pics would be appreciated.

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