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2010 The Year We Make Contact "starchild"


Hello everyone just thought I would pop in and post some pics of an Item Ive had for a number of years. Until recently I never knew for sure if the Prop was from 2001 or 2010 well now I know its the 2010 Starchild well one of them at liest. I got the Name that was stamped on the base and looked it up and have actually contacted one of the makers of the prop. Mr Tom Reidenbach who was an asst, Art Director for MGM and part of the team that revised everything for the Motion Picture 2010.He has verified the piece as the Molding buck for the Skin of the Starchild one of 3 I believe he said. After a few Emails and a wonderful Phone call we have decided the prop is to be restored and brought back to its former glory. Since a ton of things have not made it into private hands I feel it deserves to look its best and the fact that the skin is actually breaking down (it was never meant to last) I think it's the right thing to do. Hope you enjoy and if you have any Questions feel free to ask, Im just glad I didn't throw the ugly A$$ Thing away now :lol LOL

See pics below Cameron





Im excited myself to get it done, It may be awhile but what's another couple months to a year to something that has already been around for 27 years and been melted :sick for around 15 of those years :rolleyes



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I just love seeing props like this in their original ooey gooey state.

What is interesting is that you can almost recognize the "child" by the intact mouth.

I'm sure you are a proud father of this classic piece.... :)

Yes definitely Tom would be the person to restore this.
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