1955 RockOla Jukebox from Rocky Horror Picture Show


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Here is a video of the completed prop:
YouTube - ‪1955 Rock-Ola Model 1452 Jukebox from Rocky Horror Picture Show‬‏


This is my 1955 Rock-Ola model 1452 Jukebox, replicated to look like the one seen in ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW.


This is a screen shot showing the same model in the scene with Columbia singing her solo in "Time Warp".
I noticed that this unit was missing it's top cover and the front grill.
I decided to leave mine in place for now but I could always remove them if I wanted it to be more screen accurate.


I took a little artistic liberty with the lighting and put in red and blue gels to add some flavor, this things looks spectacular in the dark!!!


I had to polish and repair a lot of things and I totally refurbished the play mechanism. I removed the tone arm and polished it at my shop.
There is a lot of chrome on this thing!!
I also rebuilt the original amps and replaced all the tubes.



I can't wait to dress my wife up as Columbia and prop her up on top of it!

Thanks for checking it out!!!
- Videobob
I know the stars aren't exactly perfect.
I used photos of the same jukebox that was restored many years later and I guess they moved the stars around. It wasn't till after I put them on that I noticed they were a little different than the movie. Oh well, it's still pretty cool!!!
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