1800's ALIEN Experiment


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Hi all!

Taking liberties here a bit on "or showcase your original designs", by throwing out an off-shoot to the series.
Based on a discovery made during an Expedition, to the South Pole in the 1800's (Subsequent to the Miskatonic University's). A species of unknown genus is found in a dormant state, it is taken and incubated. The anomaly was kept alive, for some time before it expired.

Bottle is about 2ft high x 5 inch across which tapers out at the base. The glass is very thick about 1/4 to 1/2 inch in places, heavy too.
The creature was made using a variety of household materials including everyones favorites condoms, resin and everything nice.

Thanks for looking,







Old H.P. would have loved to have that on the mantelpiece. Cool - you created a very Lovecraftian item there. It sort of oozes of late 19th century horror...
Thanks for the responses everyone! Was only expecting a couple at best. :)

MegaMicroFish- A sea horse was one of the influences, but with a nasty spike ending its tail.

Gatekeeper- Thankyou, I'm on a bit of a tangent atm. Here's a creature with ganglion-like structure/spines, also collected around the time of the above specimen. :)



And a close up of the head. No great detail but suits the deceased experiment theme, of a juvenile bottled over 100 years ago.

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allosaur176- Very very easy stuff. As you can see from my dodgy materials, not hard to get a reasonable result. Just adjust liquid tinting to hide imperfections. Heck you could put a chunk of weirdly shaped, chalking compound in brown water and it would look like a convincing blob of a creature. :)

Interceptor- Thank you. :)
So is this just some thing you made up or was some thing like this actually found and you are recreating it ?

great work by the way very conivincing
BGHUNTER- No nothing like this has ever been found in the real world, though some strange creatures have been.

Just what I would imagine a none matured ALIEN chest-burster, would look like after a hundred years in a bottle. Perhaps the hugger attached to some unknown creature, producing an Alien with some of its characteristics.

Thanks for your comment. :)
Spectacular work, my friend! This kind of cryptozoological exprimentation is right up my alley. What kind of resin did you treat the specimen with, fiberglass resin?

Oh and if you have not heard of the master himself at making synthetic specimens then look no further than Mr. Alex CF. He is quite the collector: The Art of Alex CF

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