1/72 Star Wars Wish List


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Ok, so I've been talking to a friend who is thinking of producing a line of resin Star Wars kits. 1/72 would be easiest for him, the least expensive for all of us, and also seems to be the favorite scale according to the poll I have going. They should hopefully be available in the SSM store as well as a few other online retailers. Is this something you guys would be interested in? If so, what would you like to see? Be sure to include any accessories you think would be a nice addition.
He is starting off with Luke's T-16 Skyhopper for a simple subject that hasn't been produced yet. For accessories I recommended some womp rats (alive and "bullseyed"), Luke figures, a tool kit, some droids and possibly Luke's friends. He also wanted to do a rock/sand base and some removable panels. I'm not sure what will be in the final kit, we were just putting ideas out. Anyway, here's the chance to contribute to what could possibly be produced. Let's keep it fun and not worry about licensing, C&Ds or any of that stuff right now. Let's see what we can come up with. :)


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:p You know what's funny about that? A 1/72 Star Destroyer would work out to be about 72 feet long. Hmm, maybe I should play 7272 in the lotto. :)


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I would like to see the rest of the fighter craft from OT. Like the A-, B-, Y-wings and DV's Tie fighter and the tie bomber. These would go nicely with the FM X-wing, Tie Fighter, Tie Interceptor and Jedi Starfighter.


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i think anything from original trilogy too, a wings would go down well as would the b wing, the y wing would be in amazing demand, but then theres sandcrawlers, atst, snowspeeder etc, although in 1/72 they would be small they would fill a huge gap left by the mostly crude amt kits, has he thought of smaller scale cruisers? my cousin is workin on an executor at 13" but wont cast it the numbnut lol hes afraid itll go **** up and ruin his build, but blockade runners, neb b frigates etc in an acceptable size scale would go down a storm as nothing really gets released from that niche of SW. when i get chance ill snap some pics of his executor for you guys to view at the size hes got a lot of the ridge detailing nailed and considering it was an off the cuff build it looks very nice.


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OT fighters to compliment and add to what Finemolds has produced and/or smaller scale Capital Ships. Ralphee is right, those ships do get ignored.


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in 1/72 hmmmm

Jabbas sail barge with skiffs

in 1/144
Neb B

in 1/700+ about 18 -24 inches
Mon Cal cruiser
New republic SD
Separatist cruisers

Carrie in ANH
Natalie in AOTC
green Rancor food dancer from ROTJ

Jedi Dade


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good call dade, a sail barge would be a great piece, and id rather see capital ships than fighters, but that just me, i love the neb b, mon cals...home one brings me out in a sweat haha but seriously id love to see someone tackle some capital stuff, if i could cast id go with it myself but prices are way too high in the u.k to even get moulds made

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Originally posted by SGluedMyFingers@Jun 9 2005, 09:50 AM

Although that may be rather large.

Screw it, then, make the bugger large. It would be awesome to keep these things in the same scale, right? Can any obsessed modeler out there honestly say he wouldn't casually blow 300 bucks on a REALLY fine ANH Tantive IV?

I'd also love to see the Tyderium. The old kit sucks.
Does anyone know where to get plans for the Tantive IV? That's a pretty sweet ship, I didn't like it at first but it's really grown on me. A 72nd scale prject would be pretty nice.
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