1:1 scale Stormtrooper "model"

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by alienscollection.com, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. alienscollection.com

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  2. jkno

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    This looks weird, like some kind of Burger King 1/1 figure or something.
  3. matty matt

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    WTF? That's really weird.
  4. Jedifyfe

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    His name is "No Neck Clumpy Feet"
  5. shenphong

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    its from Bandai, based on their smaller scale stormtrooper model, same molds but "enlarged."
  6. Hammer3246

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  7. jkno

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    Yeah indeed. I passed on their smaller figure too
  8. TazMan2000

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    Is this actually going to be a kit? They can do this and not a Star Destroyer? C'mon....
    If so, the neck will have to be extended, and the feet defintely will have to be reworked unless Donald Duck would be wearing this.

  9. modelcitizen

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    if i was into cons and cosplay i'd make me a NoNeck Clumpyfeet costume...completely in unfinished pepakura cardboard.

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