1:1 Gollum bust painted

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    I just wanted to share some photos of my finished Gollum bust that
    Chewie15 sculpted many years ago, before the LOTR trilogy came out.
    Actually it´s pretty amazing what Howard did there, he found some small spoiler pictures of
    Gollum in a magazine and used that as reference to sculpt him, that was before no one really knew
    what he really looked like. Great work Howard :thumbsup

    Anyway, I painted this bust for a couple of years ago and wasn´t very happy with the result
    so I decided to give it a second chance and see how my painting skills have changed.

    Hopefully to the better ;)

    Here are the pictures

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    Looks great Bjorn.Did you paint the eyes?If so ,they look very realistic.
    Doug and Lori

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