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    Loved the movie, hated the new pred face. was pretty disappointed considering how bad ass the bios and such were
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    For Those Who Like Screamo music

    Hahah yah it was weird but the music video had the predator in it, so i had to share lol
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    For Those Who Like Screamo music

    This really isnt my cup of tea as far as the music goes, but the video was a funny find.
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    Someone was making a how to fix dreads

    Thats the one! Thanks!
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    Someone was making a how to fix dreads

    I dont mean to make another topic, but I cant seem to find the post someone made about repairing dreads. All I remember about it was there was pic ofthe guys workshop and he had a coupleo busts in the backround including a pumpkinhead? Sorry to bother you preds about this, but If someone...
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    PREDATORS TRAILER im soooo excited
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    Grusderk Predator Info

    Oh no, you misunderstand me! I know of your situation. What I meant was if Dboyslade really wanted to pursue business, that would be the best route for him. Based on what "sold" me to buy his mask, the quality seemed fine and I loved his sculpt. During the process he constantly sent me pictures...
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    Grusderk Predator Info

    I ordered a mask from him and overall I was satisfied. However, like ptgreek said, the mask is very thin. Mine has a hole in the cheek already. The bio i got was horrendous. very heavy and not durable. The dreads are foam (which is okay but the rings are cheaply constructed. So $500.00 =...
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    My first pred mask

    maybe its the angle of the picture, but the left side (your right) seems to be lower than the other? like the crown doesnt seem symmetrical? maybe im wrong, but otherwise great job so far!! oh notice you said that you've only detailed one side. maybe thats what im referring to
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    kaibutsoya Predator 2

    WOW!!!! that looks great!
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    Bob Bagy Predator 2 FINISHED 99%!!!!!!!!!

    Cool! i need to repair the dreads of one of my pred masks. Oh if I could get my hands on one of those pumpkinheads!!!
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    These are amazing. i have this bookmarked.
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    Grusderk Mask review.

    This is my Grusderk mask Elder Other than the foam dreads and the fact the mechanical jaws didnt fit my face, I love this mask. The latex wasnt as thin as that. So Its sad that he produced some poor quality masks. I think upon ordering you need to make it clear of the mask's quality, because...